The politics of the ObamaCare decision (repeatedly updated with dissents)

It looks to me that there are some sweet lemons for conservatives in the ObamaCare decision. Before we burn the chief justice in effigy, let's read the decision and think about the implications. First of all, upholding ObamaCare is going to energize opposition to Obama, and the determination to elect a Congress that can repeal and replace it.  Just a day ago, the MSM was telling us it would be a plus for Obama if the act were held unconstitutional because it would take the issue off the table and weaken his opposition.   On the other hand, as Rick Moran points out, "it gives Obama a big boost;  everyone likes a winner. I have no doubt that the same media will now proclaim it is a big victory, a change in momentum, a blow to the right. I also expect Sudden New Respect for Chief Justice Roberts. I am  not going to hold that against him. For one thing, the Court went nowhere near claiming the Commerce Clause means the feds can force us to do anything. The CJ and the...(Read Full Post)