The Iasi Pogrom: A Solemn Jewish Anniversary

Historically speaking,  it's never difficult for writers of Jewish history to find an anniversary date connected with a tragedy.  For example, a couple days ago I was enjoying an evening surfing the web to see if anything stood out in Jewish history on my birthday, June 28.  Unfortunately, I came upon one of the all-time most heinous pogroms ever to have befallen the Jewish people during their remarkable but often calamitous history.  Today, the Jews of Romania, at least what remains of them, solemnly commemorate a massacre of epic proportions: it's the 71st anniversary of the Iasi pogrom.  Romania, an ally of Germany, closely mirrored the anti-Semitic policies of the Nazis during the Second World  War.  Throughout the first half of 1941 alone, 31 laws and decrees along with 17 anti-Jewish  resolutions were passed by the vehemently anti-Semitic Antonescu government.  They were a precursor to the events which were to unfold on June 28/29 --...(Read Full Post)