The brave professor and the brave newspaper

Two days ago we featured the views of a brave University of Chicago professor, Charles Lipson, who objected to considering his campus as home for an Obama presidential museum, which inevitably would become a promotional organ for the president and his policies.  Now, professor Lipson has been supported by the editorial page of the Chicago Sun-Times: ...we have to agree with University of Chicago political science Professor Charles Lipson, who is sounding the alarm on this issue, that an Obama presidential center would be out of place at a university that prides itself on disinterested scholarship. "To me it's not a left or right issue," Lipson told us. "I don't think I'd have different position if this were the Reagan library." Presidential libraries are funded and managed by the federal Office of Presidential Libraries. A representative for the office says it does its best to present materials "as accurately as possible, not favoring one side or another." But anybody who has...(Read Full Post)