The Battle of Midway at 70

After the famous air raid on Japan on April 18, 1942 led by then Colonel James Doolittle and his squadron of B-25 bomber, launched from the USS Hornet, a series of events were set into motion.  One being from our newly found war foe Japan and her military leadership and the other from one very keen and history enriched Admiral Chester Nimitz.  In what was to be the largest ever sea battle in size and scope known to man, the results would yield the writing of world history for 70 years to come.  However, how much longer will that battle be relevant to world history? It has always surprised me how this nation's media has always weighed far more heavily the D-Day invasion that took place two years after Midway.  Had we blundered or had the wrong Admiral been in place at the time to make use of the slight but tested intelligence, we could have fallen for the elaborate feint in the Aleutian Islands or held back to protect a suspected threat against Hawaii or the West...(Read Full Post)