Survey of legal experts shows majority believe mandate will be struck down

Court watchers are no more accurate than other pundits, but considering the fact that most observers believed it was impossible for the mandate to be overturned, this is a significant change. Yahoo News: The Supreme Court will soon announce its ruling on the constitutionality of President Barack Obama's health care law passed in 2010, and for many legal observers who have worked in the court and argued cases before the justices, the federal government's defense of the measure in March did not inspire confidence. A new insider survey of 58 legal experts conducted after the oral arguments concluded found that most predict that the court will strike down the so-called individual mandate, a central provision within the law requiring that every American purchase a government-approved form of health insurance. The same expert survey was conducted before the hearings began, which found the opposite: Most thought the law would be upheld. The survey was paid for the American Action...(Read Full Post)