Scientific Truth Unbound by Credentials or Consensus

Science is solely concerned with demonstrable truth -- no matter the source of the information.  A lowly Swiss patent examiner named Albert Einstein overturned the Newtonian consensus view thereby transforming our very understanding of space and time. The latest delightful example of this phenomenon is recorded here in a story entitled "German teen solves 300-year-old mathematical riddle posed by Sir Isaac Newton".  This 16-year old Indian-born prodigy named Shouryya Ray has no academic credentials whatsoever but he overturned the "consensus" built over 300 years that these problems were mathematically insoluble (take that, Al Gore!). Can one imagine circumstances wherein revered luminaries of "critical theory" such as Paul De Man,  Harold Bloom, or J. Hillis Miller were to even listen to, never mind accept and adopt, the assertions of a teenager?  This contrast, in my view, perfectly marks the divide between truth and sophistry.  Upon reading of this...(Read Full Post)