Saudis to fund Syrian rebels

They've been doing it on the sly for a few months and most of the weapons have been small arms - rifles, grenade launchers, etc. Now, they're apparently ready to start giving the Free Syrian Army (FSA) a steady flow of weapons, pay the fighters, while the US helps set up command and control. Guardian: Officials in the Saudi capital embraced the idea when it was put to them by Arab officials in May, according to sources in three Arab states, around the same time that weapons started to flow across the southern Turkish border into the hands of Free Syria Army leaders. Turkey has also allowed the establishment of a command centre in Istanbul which is co-ordinating supply lines in consultation with FSA leaders inside Syria. The centre is believed to be staffed by up to 22 people, most of them Syrian nationals. The Guardian witnessed the transfer of weapons in early June near the Turkish frontier. Five men dressed in the style of Gulf Arabs arrived in a police station in the...(Read Full Post)