Sarah Jessica and Anna Throw a Party

Sarah Jessica Parker is inviting people to go to her house on 6-14 for a fundraising dinner for Obama.  She says he ended the war in Iraq.  Oops, he was against the surge and the war would have dribbled on forever.  She is proud that Obama allowed people to marry anyone they want.  As if everyone believes in gay marriage and encourages it.  Sarah Jessica also says that Obama created four million new jobs.   Instead we lost four million jobs.  And then she went on to say that we need him and he needs us.  What do we need him for -- extending the deficit, depleting the military, bullying the church, lowering our S & P rating, keeping our unemployment rate above eight per cent?  What about his adding five trillion dollars to our national debt? Yeah, we need him if we want to become a version of bankrupt Greece. We need him if we want to become another failed form of socialism? How could Sarah Jessica Parker be so wrong when she thinks...(Read Full Post)