Samaras frames Greek election as choice between euro and drachma

The irresponsible left represented by the radical socialist coalition of parties known as SYRIZA and their leader Alexis Tsipras is pushing the New Democracy party of Antonis Samaras in the parliamentary election to held this Sunday. The anti and pro bailout forces appear to be neck and neck as the last few days of electioneering take place against a backdrop of crisis. Samaras has finally done what he should have been doing all along; make the vote a referendum on Tsipras' mad scheme to play chicken with the EU over the bailout by threatening to tear up the agreement unless Greece gets better terms. What will it be, Greece? The Euro or the drachma? Speaking at the last election rally in central Athens before Sunday's election, Mr Samara warned of increased unemployment and softened immigration laws if voters choose Syriza. "We are going into an election to decide the future of Greece and of our children," Mr Samaras, 61, told the crowd of several thousand waving Greek and EU ...(Read Full Post)