Priebus tries to manage expectations for WI recall vote

Yes, there's a danger that the GOP may get overconfident as a result of Governor Scott Walker's narrow 7 point lead in the recall vote scheduled for Tuesday. The signs are very positive but that doesn't mean Republicans can let up for one minute. So RNC chair Reince Priebus warned the party; don't get cocky, kid: Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus said on Saturday that he wasn't expecting an easy win in the Wisconsin recall, managing expectations in the wake of last week's polling that shows Governor Scott Walker up by seven points. "I just assume, being from here, that we have to scratch and prod at everything we do," Priebus told BuzzFeed after a Tea Party rally in Racine County. "I'm very used to the Democrats pouring it on," Priebus said. "So we're not going to let up. That's why we're not stopping." "I'm not going to play into this narrative about whether or not the Democrats are letting up because I don't care." Priebus said the fact that President...(Read Full Post)