Pie and the Obama worldview

Once again Michelle Obama has managed to exempt herself from her own rules and regulations in a very public way.  Swinging through Virginia, talking up her husband's many outstanding accomplishments such as recently insisting that the economy isn't doing 'fine' less than one day after he emphatically insisted the private sector was doing 'fine,' Michelle stopped for pie. The Obamas love pie because pie perfectly symbolizes their world view.  Reportedly the family keeps Bill Yosses, the pie-making pastry chef in the White House whom the President has nicknamed "The Crustmaker," very busy.  Pie is so much a part of Obama life and philosophy that the first lady included four pie recipes in her book, American Grown: The Story of the White House Kitchen Garden and Gardens Across America. Michelle Obama not only loves pie, she loves to use pie in object lessons, especially when prodding the herd toward socialist thinking.  Remember when Michelle Obama informed Americans...(Read Full Post)