Obama's Friday Press Conference

On May 8th the American Prevaricator-in-Chief held one of his infrequent press conferences.  Within that performance Barack Obama made the statement that the private sector is doing fine but state and local governments are not and we, as a nation, need to spend more money (we do not have) to help bail out these entities and thus stimulate the economy. Beyond the absurdity of this contention, which has been thoroughly discredited by his massive near $1 Trillion stimulus in February of 2009 (an overwhelming percentage of which went to local governments), is the hubris in stating that the private sector is doing fine and he, Barack Obama, has created over 4,000,000 private sector jobs. There is an old saying that statistics can be tortured into stating virtually anything.   Here the U.S. the Bureau of Labor Statistics (part of the Labor Department) is responsible for issuing the official employment data.   Some of it is convoluted and difficult to fathom, but...(Read Full Post)