Obama's Campaign Talking Points Out of Left Field

Lately, several Obama surrogates have been struggling to get their talking points straight.  Commenting on Obama's campaign strategy, Newark mayor and big-time Obama supporter Cory Booker referred to recent ads attacking Bain Capital as "nauseating."  Not too long after that, another Obama surrogate, Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick described Bain Capital as "a perfectly fine company."  And, not the least of them, former president Clinton told CNBC's Maria Bartiromo that he believes that Bush's tax cuts should be extended.  Booker and Clinton soon after apologized and "clarified" their remarks, explaining that they meant the exact opposite of what they had actually said.  That Clinton and Booker were forced to walk back their statements should come as no surprise, considering that Obama's attacks on tax cuts and private equity are the cornerstone of his entire election campaign.  He can't afford to have his most prominent talking points undermined by...(Read Full Post)