Obama White House admits rampant egotism led to mistake (source issues correction: no, they didn't)

Our source on this story, Scott Shackford, has issued a correction: CORRECTION: I need my eyes checked. The Obama infoboxes are still there, but they appear to have been redesigned to look less like part of the other presidents' biographies. My apologies for the temporary blindness. So much for Obama ever admitting a mistake! Original item follows: The Obama administration has confessed to allowing President Obama's colossal ego to create a fiasco. Well, not directly, but that is the only logical explanation for some very quiet changes just implemented.  It seems that the insertion of president Obama into the biographies of previous presidents o n the White House website has been reversed.  Scott Shackford of Reason advises us: It appears as though the White House has decided that maybe the official biographies of other presidents are not the best place to campaign for President Barack Obama's reelection. (snip) as quietly as the Obama boasts appeared, they have been...(Read Full Post)