Obama Wants a Monument

It figures that a narcissist would want to make a physical impact on the landscape. In a previous column regarding Obama's tax and spend policies, I suggested that Barack Obama suffered from an "edifice complex," suggesting there was a stark desire to leave a physical manifestation that would endure decades and be associated with Barack Obama. I wrote: What might be the next big thing on Obama's radar (we know that a Russian bear on the prowl and Islamic extremism are certainly not)? How else could Barack Obama's edifice complex manifest itself?  A trivia question might give us a clue. What do most Americans come across every day that is the legacy of one President? One more clue: think Dwight Eisenhower. Bingo! The highway system was created and promoted by Eisenhower and has outlasted his mortal self. Does Obama want to create a monument to his own Presidency, miles wide and sprawling across the nation for all of us to behold? Now Ryan Lizza's column in the New Yorker...(Read Full Post)