Obama stumbles

No, we're not metaphorically speaking of his campaign. President Obama actually went three quarters of the way to a pratfall yesterday at a campaign event in Tampa, which in anticipation of the GOP convention has gone over to the dark side, as far as Obama's footing goes. The inimitable Andrew Malcolm provides a witty description of what the video shows at Investor's Business Daily: "Please welcome," said the arena announcer, "the president of the United States!" Pregnant pause to let the cheers build. Then, out from behind the blue curtain sauntered the perpetually campaigning president, known today as Barack Obama. Big smile. Waving to the crowd. Obama began his familiar jaunty jog up the stage steps, when, suddenly...Oops! Bam! He disappeared. Democrat down.... Obama stopped the very public fall -- Forward -- with his hands, inches from a painful face-plant. Then, he bounced back up, smiling. 'Hey, I meant to do that.' No, just kidding. He didn't...(Read Full Post)