Obama in Panic Mode?

As he continues his full-time campaign for re-election, President Obama is showing clear signs of panic -- of the realization that a great many former supporters, particularly centrists and independents, are thoroughly fed up with his massively failed domestic and foreign policies. He can be seen desperately attempting to countervail the growing feeling among many voters that the country doesn't want another four years of what they've been seeing from his administration. His disastrous fiscal policies, for example, he tries to blunt by a ridiculous claim, based on the rantings of an internet columnist, that he is actually a virtual skinflint when it comes to the debt and deficits.  This, of course, was totally debunked by real figures worked up by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, which show just the opposite. And, then, recently there were the appearances before Conservative and Orthodox Jewish leaders in which he sought to assuage the unease some have been feeling...(Read Full Post)