NY Times soft-pedals rocket barrages from Gaza on civilian targets in Israel

Judging from New York Times coverage of the sharp escalation of rocket attacks on Israel by Gaza terrorists, it really wasn't a big deal at all -- and besides Hamas has accepted an Egyptian-brokered cease-fire that was bound to end the onslaught ("Hamas Military Wing Accepts a Cease-Fire - Deal Ends 3 Days of Violence With Israel" by Isabel Kershner, June 21, page 11). Reality is starkly different from Kershner's roseate account.  For one thing, the headline is flat wrong -- the so-called cease-fire didn't end.  Gaza terrorists kept firing rockets. Kershner, in her dispatch, bends over backwards to depict the incessant rocket barrages -- well over 100 -- as benign and inconsequential as possible. Here's how she puts it: "The confrontation remained relatively contained, with the Gaza groups firing mostly short-range rockets that did not reach southern Israel's major cities." This sentence tells worlds about Kershner's determination to sanitize the terror war unleashed from...(Read Full Post)