Mr. 'Cool' Loses his Cool

In case America had any doubts about it, the word is out -- no one questions Barack Obama, especially when he's decided to sign an executive order that he knows is relatively unpopular. While exercising autonomy, pandering to the Latino vote, and taking yet another step forward in granting amnesty for good behavior to people he views as law-abiding lawbreakers, Mr. Cool lost his cool. That guy in the Rose Garden handing down "It's the right thing to do, period" was certainly a far cry from the suave, self-effacing guest of honor handing out hugs and air kisses at actress Sarah Jessica Parker's house the other night. Like an authoritarian father reprimanding a child, when asked an out-of-turn question about his decision to grant semi-amnesty to illegal aliens, a prickly Obama pointed his finger at the reporter, shook it, and said: "I didn't ask for an argument." The Republican-controlled Congress has already made the reasons clear as to why they oppose the Dream Act, also known as the...(Read Full Post)