MLK's Dream Realized

  We just returned back home to Florida from my wife Mary's family reunion in Maryland.  Mary and I are an interracial couple.  Before consenting to attend, I asked my wife of 35 years, "Will there be anyone there who is going to give me a hard time?"  Mary replied, "No, they're all dead." The reunion was wonderful -- over one hundred in attendance.  When God said be fruitful and multiply, Mary's family took God seriously.  Kids were all over the place swimming, using the water slide, enjoying the feast of food and desserts, and having a ball. Cousin Jimmy had started cooking the hog, head and all, on the grill at 3am.  The pork was cooked to perfection.  Add a little of his favorite barbecue sauce, and you are in heaven.  I do regret allowing Jimmy to talk me into tasting the hog's snout.  For the sake of my stomach, I must change the subject. Aunt Carol is the family historian.  She and her sister, Mary's mom, Eleanor, traced...(Read Full Post)