Just Us Nobodies

I am just another nameless, faceless American to those in Washington, D.C. and most of the civilized world. I am a mother of seven and a nurse to boot.  My husband works hard to support us while I work hard to raise my family. President Obama, with the full consent of Justice Roberts, just made that much, much more difficult.  You see, several of my children have serious medical issues, and we struggle to find a doctor, any doctor who will see them outside emergency care.  I do not dare to tell most of the doctors we see that I have sick children who need monitoring and medical assistance, because they will find an excuse not to see us.  I try to get my "foot in the door" with one of the healthier kids first, and I have learned not reveal that I have so many kids.  We actually have insurance, we pay our bills, we try not to cause trouble. We love our kids, like millions of other parents, and we would do anything for them. How much more difficult is it going to...(Read Full Post)