IRS Conflict with Tea Party and GOP House Members Continues

Conflict between Republicans in the House of Representatives and IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman may be escalating in the weeks ahead.  Prompted by recent incidents of alleged IRS harassment of Tea Party groups seeking tax-exempt status for the 2012 election, including individual tax audits of organizers, 63 GOP congressman led by Rep. Tom McClintock (CA-04) sent a letter demanding an explanation.  An April 27 American Thinker blog post provided a copy of the letter and highlighted remarks on the House floor by Congressman McClintock. In an interview this week for American Thinker, McClintock reports no progress in the matter.  He says it will obviously require increased pressure to stop the stonewalling: The next step is to demand a formal investigation, which we are in the process of doing.  I believe that it is the jurisdiction of Ways and Means.  I would expect to have a letter prepared for circulation in the coming week, give it a week or two to...(Read Full Post)