Ignorance and Incompetence Supersedes Hope and Change

Recently at the White House Barack Obama solemnly draped Medals of Freedom around the necks of an aging rock star in sunglasses, a Democrat astronaut, a United Farm Worker/chair of the Democratic Socialists of America, and a liberal poet who had written him a letter that praised his "keen intelligence, integrity and a rare authenticity," as well as his "creative imagination which [when] coupled with brilliance equals wisdom." It was during that Medal of Freedom ceremony that Barack Obama, while posthumously honoring Georgetown University professor Jan Karski, a Catholic hero of the Polish resistance against Nazi occupiers in World War II, got so befuddled that he once again managed to insult Poland. With the way Barack Obama is racking up Polish insults, America's Nobel Peace Prize winner seems determined to offend, forsake, and above all, misrepresent the history of one of America's long-time allies. It started when the President went golfing instead of attending the state funeral of...(Read Full Post)