If they can do this to their own, what would they do to us?

As Israel, along with the rest of the world, watches its vicious next door neighbor Syria slaughtering its own citizens the Israeli Defense Forces' Deputy Chief of General Staff, Yair Naveh, gave voice to what many are thinking. "What the Syrians are doing to their own people they would do to us if they got the chance." But of course they are not "their own people"; Syria, an artificial country, is really a diverse and multi cultural, to use gooey politically correct terms, entity of Sunnis, Shiites, Christians, Alawites and Kurds (most of the Jews managed to flee) all living uneasily together in their enclaves under the brutal rule of the minority Alawite Assad family. Then the Arab Spring reached Syria and now it is tribe v tribe, with shifting alliances. About the only ideal that still unites all Syria is hatred of Israel. As Naveh further explained, Israel, indeed the entire world, has reason to be concerned. "Syria today has the largest chemical weapons stockpile in our...(Read Full Post)