Fundraising Frontiers for Obama 2012

The slogan for Obama's fundraisers ought to be "no limits," for it is clear that desperation for cash has become the guiding principle. The most recent example is an Obama Registry where, in lieu of putting an envelope in the bride and groom's cash bag, Obama fans can gift Obama on behalf of the newlyweds.  So what's ahead on the 'Road We've Traveled'-Obama for America fundraising? Don't be surprised if the creative Obama 2012 team gives America an opportunity to show they care by hosting a blood drive where healthy Americans can sell their plasma and have the blood bank hand the cash directly over to Obama 2012. That's about 30 bucks a pop right there. There's still more potential to raise cash with Obama car washes, bake sales or even a carnival with cotton candy, a Ferris wheel and a dunking machine on the South Lawn of the White House. But the fundraising effort that would certainly haul in the most cash would be a spare organ donation drive. Supporters could show their...(Read Full Post)