Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood president promises to represent all Egyptians

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood President Mohammed Morsi said all the right words, made all the right noises in his first speech as president. The trouble is - many don't believe him. Reuters: "There is no room now for the language of confrontation nor will there ever be room for accusations of treachery among us," he said. "This national unity is now the route Egypt must take to move itself beyond this difficult period." He hailed the role of the armed forces, whose generals were praised by Egyptians for pushing aside Mubarak during the uprising but who have faced mounting anger for their handling of the transition. The Brotherhood and others have accused them of trying to hold on to power, despite the generals' denials. In a bid to broaden his appeal, Morsy had claimed the mantle of the revolution in the run-off against Shafik: "The revolution is continuing until it achieves all its goals. Together we will complete this journey," he said in his address. Morsy began and...(Read Full Post)