Drone strike in Pakistan kills AQ #2

This is good news on a couple of fronts. First, killing al-Qaeda's Number 2 leader is a victory in and of itself. But the fact that we got him in Pakistan shows that either we are thumbing our nose at the Pakistani government which has publicly told us to stop drone strikes on their territory; or we have resumed whatever limited cooperation we have had in the past with the military and ISI. Either scenario is good news. Wall Street Journal: The militant considered to be the No. 2 leader of al Qaeda was killed in a U.S. drone strike in Pakistan, U.S. officials said Tuesday. Abu Yahya al-Libi was seen as al Qaeda's most versatile leader, and his death on Monday was the latest setback for a group that U.S. officials say is reeling from recent losses. The operation that killed Mr. Libi also showed the U.S. has maintained its intelligence capacity in Pakistan amid tension with the Pakistani government and despite enhanced security measures that al Qaeda has taken in the wake of the...(Read Full Post)