Detroit could go broke in one week

The Motor City will be broke in 7 days unless a lawsuit challenging the consent agreement between Detroit and the state of Michigan is withdrawn. Detroit Free Press: Detroit will run out of cash a week from today if a lawsuit challenging the validity of the city's consent agreement with the state is not withdrawn, city officials said this morning. Jack Martin, the city's new chief financial officer, said the city will be broke by June 15 but should be able to make payroll for its employees. He said the city will be operating in a deficit situation if the state withholds payments on a portion of the $80 million in bond money needed to help keep the city afloat. The battle ultimately could lead to an emergency manager if state officials deem the city to be in violation of the consent agreement that gives the state significant control over Detroit's finances. Deputy Treasurer Thomas Saxton told the city Thursday that the lawsuit against the consent agreement could force the state...(Read Full Post)