D-Day: When Allied Scams Helped Us Win The Battle

Scams are often used by law enforcement personnel to trick and trap criminals.  We love to hear the details and learn how cleverly the plan was put together.  And we love to see how badly the bad guys were beaten.  Today we celebrate D-Day, June 6, 1944.  It was a day when 160,000 Allied troops participated in this colossal, and dangerous, invasion effort. It involved 5,000 ships and 800 planes which dropped over 13,000 men in parachutes. Over 100,000 Allied troops made it to shore that day - British, Canadian and American being the largest groups.  US casualties are estimated as 1465 dead, 3185 wounded, and 1928 missing. But there was an unusual factor that played a major role in the victory.  In fact the casualties suffered would have been much higher had it not been successfully employed.  The very success of the Normandy Invasion, itself, might never have occurred.  And if Germany had been successful in crushing that operation, the course...(Read Full Post)