Crackdown on anniversary of Tiananmen Square massacre

It happened 23 years ago and to this day, no one has an accurate number of dead. Estimates range as high as 10,000 to as low as 800. But the Chinese government chose the 23rd anniversary of the massacre to inititiate a crackdown on political opponents - a sure sign they have learned nothing. AFP: Police in China beat and detained political activists marking the 23rd anniversary of the brutal crackdown on the Tiananmen Square democracy protests on Sunday, rights campaigners said. Officers used violence against activists in the southeast province of Fujian and detained them, while more than 30 people who came to Beijing "to petition" were held and forced to return to their home province, the activists reported. "Around 20 rights defenders were stopped by police and beaten this morning on May First Square," Shi Liping, the wife of activist Lin Bingxing, told AFP by phone from Fuzhou, capital of Fujian province. "The police said they were going to 'beat them to death'. They took...(Read Full Post)