Calling Jorge Ramos: Hispanics Are More Interested in the Economy Than in Immigration

Am I the only Hispanic who is a bit confused with the disproportionate amount of the time the Spanish-speaking media devotes to immigration? Watching Jorge Ramos's Sunday program leads you to think that Hispanics are talking immigration 24/7.  His recent interview with Senator Rubio was all about immigration.  At one point, he complained that Sen. Rubio does not defend "undocumented" workers. I wonder if someone has told Jorge Ramos that "Hispanics" have 11% unemployment in the U.S., or that there are thousands of Hispanic young soldiers in Afghanistan. This week, we got more evidence that Hispanics care a lot more about the economy than immigration: U.S. Hispanics prioritize immigration, healthcare, and unemployment to equal degrees, according to a new USA Today/Gallup poll asking about the importance of six national policy issues. Twenty percent of Hispanics each mention one of the top three issues as mattering most to them, while 17% name economic growth, 11% name the...(Read Full Post)