California State Bar embraces lawlessness

The slippery slope leading down from rule of law to tyranny has been getting a lot of lubrication lately. The President of the United States bypassing the Constitution to announce he will not enforce immigration law for a category of offenders has sent a signal that is affecting others who ought to be part of the bulwark against tyranny. Bookworm, a California lawyer herself, has noticed that something very alarming just happened in the Golden State. It turns out that, in Obama's America, the federal executive branch is not the only government agency that has no use for explicit laws.  In California, the State Bar is vigorously arguing that it doesn't need no stinkin' laws either.  Let's begin this discussion with the law itself. Under California law (Calif. Bus. & Prof. Code sec. 6068), a licensed attorney is obligated to support both federal and state laws: It is the duty of an attorney do to all of the following: (a) To support the Constitution and laws of the United...(Read Full Post)