Burying the Bishop

This might be the smartest, funniest, and most effective putdown of a green mush head yet written. James Delingpole of the UK Telegraph devastatingly criticizes and morally checkmates the Bishop of Exeter, deftly exposing the logical consequences of the Rt Rev Michael Langrish's just-thwarted plan to build a wind farm in the lovely Devonshire countryside. It seems the parishioners were dead set against them. Delingpole begins politely: Your Grace, I was surprised to read in my paper this morning that you are feeling hard done-by over your foiled scheme to erect two 25-metre-high wind turbines on glebe land in each of three different sites in north Devon Delingpole then proceeds to slip a logical noose around the Bishop, challenging him on multiple fronts, and becoming more pointed in tone. It is laugh-outt-loud funny, made all the funnier by the fact that the object of the mirth is such a living cliché of liberal empty headedness. I am a firm believer in the effectiveness...(Read Full Post)