Border Patrol Council Calls for Holder's Resignation

During a hearing last week Attorney General Holder said he had no intention of resigning over Operation Fast and Furious. Now the National Border Patrol Council which represents all 17,000 nonsupervisory agents has called for Holder to do just that. Council President George E. McCubbin III, a 25-year Border Patrol veteran, did not mince words when it came to Holder's dishonorable, dishonest and corrupt actions over the last 16 months. McCubbins described Holder's arrogant flouting of the law as a "slap in the face to all Border Patrol agents who serve this country," and said the "AG has demonstrated an utter failure of leadership at the highest levels of government." The council president added integrity is the agent's "most important trait and that without it they have little use to the agency." He said if an agent lies or violates his oath he is swiftly reprimanded and/or dismissed. McCubbins continued: The standard that applies to these agents should at a...(Read Full Post)