Bizarre violent anti-Romney fantasy broadcast by MSNBC

MSNBC's Martin Bashir's featured a witless, embarrassingly crude video segment cutting from the Romney campaign bus to movie clips of exploding busses, apparently to stoke violent viewer fantasies of assassinating the presumptive Republican nominee with a bus bombing.  This is stunningly irresponsible, considering that anyone can learn on the internet how to construct a bomb and detonation mechanism. The entire world knows about IEDs that can be buried or planted under a manhole cover to accomplish the task so tantalizingly demonstrated by the good folks at MSNBC.   Remember when Gabrielle Giffords' shooting was blamed on a map that featured a target graphic over certain congressional districts? I wonder how many people used MSNBC to vent accusations that this made Sarah Palin responsible for the Giffords assassination attempt. This is a serious matter, ladies and gentlemen. Why is Comcast, an organization  which cut a deal with the Obama administration to allow its...(Read Full Post)