And the Rebuttal Is?

Your infidel lifestyle has proven to be a total and absolute failure. Your degenerate Western way of life is collapsing all around you. You are unable to solve your own problems.  Look at what your decadent culture and sick societies have produced: sexual immorality, pornography, prostitution, divorces, broken families, filthy movies, homosexual marriage, drugs, alcohol, gambling, consumerism, materialism, hedonism... Why do you persist in your filthy decadent Western culture? It is self-destructive. It destroys families. It destroys children. Nothing good comes out of your sick poisonous culture. The Sharia will save you from yourselves.  We will never let you spread the pollution & poison our children's minds. We will fight to the death in order to keep your decadent culture out of our societies. You decadent infidels are disgusting. Keep your vile culture to yourselves. Stop trying to export it to our countries. We will fight you to the end ... and we will prevail ......(Read Full Post)