An Abbas protection racket at NY Times and Wash. Post

On June 7,  Israeli media and a Palestinian news service reported that a Palestinian Authority court sentenced Muhammad Rashid, a former Arafat financial adviser, to 15 years in prison at hard labor for having embezzled millions of dollars in public funds.  The Jerusalem Post noted that the sentencing of Rashid coincided with an anti-corruption campaign by the same Rashid against PA President Mahmoud Abbas.   Rashid  told Al-Arabiya, a Saudi-owned TV network, and other Arab media and audiences that Abbas stashed away $100 million  and that he and his family own several palaces.  Rashid called for a corruption investigation of the current president just as the PA indicted and convicted Rashid on multi-million-dollar embezzlement charges. It doesn't take a great leap of imagination to wonder whether the stiff sentence meted out to Rashid in absentia (nobody seems to know his whereabouts) somehow is linked to his vociferous attacks and charges against...(Read Full Post)