A New Book of Esther

Living in a state politically dominated by Hispanic Democrats, I tend to pay attention to what their spokesmen have to say on political issues, events and outcomes. Aware of their intrinsic conservative instincts on most social, cultural and especially, religious issues, I tend to sift through their writings looking for exploitable weaknesses in their fealty to the Democrat Party. Sunday's Albuquerque Journal contained a doozy. Chicago Sun-Times and Washington Post columnist, Esther Cepeda, a former teacher, completely dissected the Democrats' lame excuses for losing in Wisconsin and ripped away the phony mask of teacher solidarity with the unions.. If you think Bill Clinton cut Obama off at the knees, wait till you read what Esther does to the teachers' unions and their Democrat bedfellows. It is devastating; and if the Romney campaign doesn't seize on this and use it to bolster their position in several voting blocs, they should be shot. The entire column is a must read but here's...(Read Full Post)