3 top Syrian officers defect

Is the core of the Syrian government beginning to falter? It's only three defections - at least two colonels and perhaps a general - but the prospect of further erosion of support for Assad in the army should be worrisome for the inner circle. CSM: A handful of top Syrian military officers defected overnight from Bashar al-Assad's regime, seeking refuge in Turkey amid rising tensions between the neighbors. The group included 33 soldiers and their families - a total of 224 people, including at least three with a rank of colonel or higher. One of those three may be a general, but reports on the rank of the third high-level defector remain inconclusive. Defections among low-level Syrian conscript soldiers remain relatively common but such high-level defections have been relatively rare so far. If a general were among those who fled their posts in the Syrian Army, as some reports suggest, it would mark the 13th general to defect to Turkey since the uprising began about 16 months...(Read Full Post)