2 Iranians in Nigeria arrested on explosives charges

Islamists in Nigeria have been on a rampage in recent months and they may be getting help from the world's #1 sponsor of terrorism. AFP: A Kenyan court charged two Iranian nationals with illegal possession of explosives Monday, a day after a grenade attack on a bar in the southern city of Mombasa that killed three people. The Iranians, whom police said they arrested last week over suspected links to a terror network planning bombings in Mombasa and Nairobi, are accused of possessing 15 kilos (33 pounds) of the powerful explosive RDX, according to the charge sheet presented in court. The pair, Ahmed Mohamud and Said Mausud, were "armed with intent to commit a felony known as grievous harm", the charge sheet said. The two men, who were not represented by a lawyer, denied the charges. The court extended their detention until Wednesday, when it will make a bail ruling. Prosecutors asked the court to deny the men's bail application, calling them a flight risk. The explosives...(Read Full Post)