Will Obama Suffer Sarkozy's Fate?

The Washington Post is onto something.  Is it possible that the election of Francois Hollande as French president might doom Barack Obama's re-election? Post reporter, Scott Wilson, wrote on Monday: The shrill anti-incumbent message that has emerged from a pair of European elections carries a threat to the U.S. economic recovery and a political warning for President Obama, whose reelection prospects could hinge on whether the economy can improve. The other election Wilson refers to was in Greece.  Speculation about Europe's impact on Mr. Obama's election prospects is simple.  Rumblings that full-blown profligacy is returning to Western Europe makes trouble in the short term.  A return to unrestrained borrowing and spending in Europe would hasten the day of a financial crash. Pledging to rev-up borrowing, debt, and printing more Euros roils markets, in Europe and in the U.S.  Roiled American financial markets aren't good for the economy or Mr. Obama's...(Read Full Post)