Why conservatives should oppose the renomination of Senator Richard Lugar of Indiana.

With all the attention being paid to the Presidential race, not much national press has been dedicated to some of the early Senate primaries.  Three Republican Senate primaries have been held to date in states with solid Democratic incumbents: Maryland, Pennsylvania and Ohio.  The Republicans have seen a guaranteed incumbent victory in Mississippi, and are now moving on to the Indiana primary.  This makes the Indiana Senate race the first election this year in which an incumbent Senator has a valid chance of losing his seat in the primary.  From a conservative point of view, the case against Senator Lugar is strong.  First elected in 1976, Senator Lugar is one of the longest service members of Congress.  This alone is enough to make the election competitive as there is a growing sentiment that term limits should be applied to members of Congress.  However, Senator Lugar has numerous additional...(Read Full Post)