Washington Post notices Obama was a stoner in high school

After spending 5000 words examining Mitt Romney's high school days at Cranbrook, where he allegedly harassed a long haired student who later in life came out as gay, implying he was a gay-basher just as Obama suddenly evolved and began a multimillion dollar fundraising blitz among homosexuals, the Washington Post attempts to present a facade of even-handedness by noting that Barack Obama was hard core stoner in high school. The entire piece runs 619 words, most of which are devoted to reactions to the tales of Obama on the blogosphere. The WaPo didn't do anything as radical as sending out its own reporters to figure out what was going on at the exclusive Punahou School, as it did with Romney's Cranbrook days. It merely linked to the story on Buzzfeed that itself gathered the information from David Maraniss's forthcoming book. I suppose we should be grateful that the WaPo even noticed something mildly negative about Obama. They must be smarting from getting crucial details wrong on...(Read Full Post)