Wash. Post's pursuit of gloom and doom for Israel

In its coverage of Israel, the Washington Post has one consistent paradigm - the sky's falling on the Jewish state.  Last week, the Post speculated that the Arab Spring could bring hordes of refugees and terrorists streaming across the Syrian border into the Israel-held Golan Heights -- even though turmoil in Syria has lasted more than a year and no such prospect seems in the offing. This Sunday, May 13,  the front page features a teaser about an inside article that again depicts a passel of woes for Israel --  "Israel sees signs of looming culture war -- A plan to end military exemptions for ultra-Orthodox Jews creates turmoil and a political nightmare." The article, by Jerusalem correspondent Karin Burlliard -- along with two color photos, including a four-column one showing Orthodox men dancing around a bonfire during the Lag B'Omer festival -- takes up almost the entire first page of the world-news section.  Headlined "Israel's brewing battle over military...(Read Full Post)