Visit Syria: The garden spot of the Middle East

Syria's UN ambassador, Bashar Ja'afari, has written a letter to the UN complaining about the fall-off in tourism in Syria since the revolt began 14 months ago. No, really. "In the cities and areas where there is tension, the impact of the crisis on the tourism sector has been totally disastrous: tourism activity has come to a complete halt and hotels have ceased to operate," Ja'afari wrote in the letter dated May 7. "All restaurants, roadside rest-stops, fairgrounds and other leisure facilities have also had to close," he said. Perhaps tourists don't want to be confused with ordinary Syrian citizens who routinely get gunned down by machine guns and blown up by artillery directed against them. Ja'afari blamed the tourism downturn on travel websites for warning tourists to stay away, countries for halting flights to Syria, and "certain armed terrorist groups which target transport and communication routes and transport companies, in addition to terrorizing, killing and ...(Read Full Post)