Tucker Carlson called 'bow-tying white boy' by Fox News contributor Jehmu Greene

One of Barack Obama's major contributions to American life has been a heightening of racial antagonisms, despite his promise to "bring us together." Perhaps his attorney general's taunt that Americans are "cowards" when it comes to race has encouraged some people to air their personal racial prejudices in public. We have seen open lynch mob behavior tolerated by the Department of Justice, at least when the proposed lynchee is a "white Hispanic" (with emphasis on the white part). But now, things have come to pass where even highly credentialed members of the race grievance industry feel permission to hurl racial epithets at white people in their professional capacity as media commentators. Consider the remarkable incident yesterday  when Jehmu Greene, a self-proclaimed "social justice" advocate and paid talking head ("Fox News contributor" - which means being on call to appear on air to discuss issues of the moment) called Tucker Carlson a "bow-tying white boy" in the course of a...(Read Full Post)