Truth in Labeling: Why Not Just Call The Media Democrats?

Why not just label the media Democrats?  A crucial election is coming and it is time for conservatives to play smash mouth with the Democratic media machine.   The self-proclaimed objective media need to be called out and repositioned as Democrats.  The New York Times Democrat (NYTD), the Washington Post Democrat (WaPoD), the Associated Press Democrat (APD), CBSD, ABCD, 60 Democratic Minutes, George Stepanoplous Democrat, David Gregory Democrat,...   The Democrats enormous media advantage needs to be minimized. The premise of every interview or report in the Democrat media is of a fair and objective "reporter" interviewing a public official or reporting on a topic.   The reality is when a Republican is interviewed or a Republican position is reported, it is actually a Democrat interviewing or reporting on the issue.  By contrast, when a Democrat is being interviewed or an issue is being reported, the premise is that a fair and...(Read Full Post)