The Scourge of Araby

In the 1921 hit song, The Sheikh of Araby, there is one line that goes as follows, "...While you're asleep, into your tent I'll creep." Of course the song was referring to the sheikh who romantically pursued the headstrong British heroine who then fell in love with him only to find that he was, in reality, not an Arab at all but the son of a British father and Spanish mother. However, like the sheikh, Islamic triumphalism and jihadi ideology today is creeping more and more into the Arab tent while part of the Arab world and most of the duped West remains asleep. You remember how back in 2011 all the talking heads on TV were thrilled at the so-called Arab Spring, which they erroneously believed was harboring a new golden age, one that was finally ushering in democracy. Well they now realize it has turned into a horrible frigid winter blast as Islamism and jihadi violence are turning one Arab state after another into Islamic tyrannies far worse than the regimes that existed before. The...(Read Full Post)