The Power of Self-reliance

I was perusing The Wall Street Journal online edition over the weekend, when a video they were showcasing on their site caught my eye.  It was an interview with Jane Wurwand, the co-founder of Dermalogica skin care products.  What caught my eye was not the "multimillionaire" in the title, but rather the words, "self-reliance," a term I believe that could be found today on the endangered list when speaking of desirable qualities in individuals. In the interview, we learn Jane was two years old and the youngest of four children at the time her mother was widowed.  Her mother "cobbled together a patchwork quilt of care" for her young family and went back to work utilizing her nursing skills.  Jane credits her mother with giving her an incredibly strong work ethic, as she taught them it was not so much about education, but that "you must learn to do something, you must have a 'transportable skill''s about digging in, doing your best and not...(Read Full Post)