The One Television Show that Obama Will Avoid

Barack Obama has been on so many television shows, from David Letterman's and Jay Leno's programs to The View and a host of others, one can hardly believe there is a program he would scrupulously avoid. But there appears to be one. The program I'd like to see Pres. Obama appear on is the NBC program called Who Do You Think You Are?  that is sponsored, in significant part, by For those of you unfamiliar with this show, this is the American version of a BBC program in which one famous show business personality each week goes in search of their ancestors, meeting with genealogists, county and state historical record archivists, and academic historians. They travel to places as diverse as Africa and Ireland, Lithuania and Bulgaria. Invariably, the show business types found out things that visibly startle them, in some cases to the point of tears. This includes tales of ancestors being slave holders on a plantation (Paula Dean), having been free blacks before...(Read Full Post)